Volunteers make a huge difference here at Woolman Hill. With our limited staff, there are always projects and tasks for which we welcome help.

Next workdays:
October 14 (Monday holiday), 9am to 5pm
October 30 (Wednesday), 9am to 5pm
(Click on dates for details…)

We have annual spring and fall workdays and occasional impromptu volunteer opportunities (contact us if you’d like to know more). Bring your work gloves and your energy, and we’ll supply the work! And snacks, and good company…

We also often need help with gardening, carpentry, firewood splitting and stacking, and sometimes sewing, painting, stuffing envelopes… We may even have a need we’re not yet aware of. If you’ve got a particular skill you want to share, we’re happy to hear about it! Just let us know, and we’ll see whether it matches our needs here on the hill…

THANKS for your interest in helping! And thank you to all the volunteers who help this place thrive.