Pipeline Procession

We welcome any and all to participate in any of the following events:

On Friday, October 16th, Children of the Wild invites you to take part in one last Pipeline Procession, the Pipeline Finale. From 6-10pm we will gather, share recollections and discoveries from the journey, and prepare ourselves for what is next, both in this anti-pipeline movement and in environmental movements everywhere.

The work is not done, not by a long shot; Children of the Wild is about to embark on a journey across the Great Lakes, to connect the movement here with movements across the country. What is happening in New England, is unfortunately not unique; these struggles are happening all over the country. But none of us need struggle alone.

We hope to see you on the 16th. Learn more about why we do the work that we do, why we do it in the way we do it, and how you can be a part of continuing to make it possible.

Where: 253 Newhall Rd, Conway, MA
When: Friday, October 16th 6-10pm

6-6:45pm | Film Excerpts of Pipeline Processions

6:45-7:30 | Panel Discussion with Children of the Wild Ensemble Theatre

8pm | Ashes to Ashes? (http://www.childrenofthewild.org/#!ashes-to-ashes/cl9x)

9pm | FlamenPeach (http://flamenpeach.bandcamp.com/)





6:00 Procession
7:30-8:15pm Facilitated conversation

Take part in a journey through the Wastelands of our own grief, darkness, and despair into the Wilds of imagination, hope, and sufficiency that lie within. United in story and song, audience and performers will hike from a designated location to a site directly in the proposed market path of the Kinder Morgan NED Pipeline to experience a shared world of ecological and poetic understanding.

Rain or shine. Bring shoes good for walking.

Donations will be accepted for Children of the Wild’s The Wastelands Project and for Pipeline Awareness Network for the Northeast (PLAN-NE).

More info here: www.childrenofthewild.org.


3:00-5:00pm Workshop
5:00-6:00pm Potluck Picnic

Prior to the Procession, there will be an introductory workshop to nonviolent direct action. Should the pipeline be approved, many in this region are preparing for possible acts of civil disobedience. The training will be led by Paki Wieland, and will be followed by a picnic potluck. There is no charge for the workshop.

Bring a picnic, or potluck dish to share, if you’re staying for the Procession. If possible, please bring food that does not require heating. And if it’s easy, please bring your own dishes to help reduce clean-up time. Thank you!



Pipeline Procession — 2 Comments

  1. I am interested, but not sure yet about my schedule 100%. It appears the procession is 1.5 hours. I would like to know if this is so, and the pace and level of the walk. Because of knee problems, I have found myself unable to stay up with or maintain some of the prior protest processions I have been on, so stay off for this reason.

    • Hello Bonnie – Great to hear of your interest! The procession has several different parts, and there is a walking portion as well as stationary portions. There will be an alternative route for those who are less mobile, so if you do end up able to come, I think you’ll be able to participate one way or another! Hope to see you on Saturday.

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