As part of the Woolman Hill board’s strategic planning process, the board approved the following vision in June 2018:


Our vision is to provide a welcoming sanctuary where people come to be restored and inspired, and leave with the strength to act out of love, sowing seeds of peace that lead to a world transformed.


In March 2017, the board approved the following MINUTE OF PURPOSE:

Woolman Hill is a Quaker retreat center, open to all, on a beautiful New England ridge-top. We create opportunities for people to connect with the Divine in themselves, in others, and in the natural world.

Woolman Hill provides simple, comfortable facilities for individual retreats and group gatherings. We offer programs which nurture spiritual growth and foster the values and practice of peace-making, simplicity, integrity, equality, social responsibility, and stewardship of the earth.


Antoinette Spruyt donated the land that is now Woolman Hill to Quakers in 1953. A number of Friends incorporated in 1954 to accept the gift, and they approved the following MISSION STATEMENT:

To foster, develop and strengthen the testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends by securing and maintaining suitable premises for holding Meetings for Worship, meditation and study, for retreats, conferences, seminars and other religious and educational activities.


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