Woolman Hill Staff


Margaret Cooley, Executive Director

Margaret is responsible for the general management of Woolman Hill, including board interactions, programs, finances, administration, development, outreach and publicity. She lives in nearby Greenfield and is part of Mount Toby Meeting.

Will Stark, Maintenance Manager
Will is responsible for the maintenance and physical running of our facility, as well as hosting some of our groups. Will lives on the hill with his children. In addition to significant professional experience as a carpenter and solar panel installer, one of his hobbies is building cob ovens.

Mary Link, Interim Administrative Coordinator

Mary has primary responsibility for providing administrative support for Woolman Hill. This includes fielding e-mail and phone inquiries, arranging group and individual rentals, and managing our rental calendar, as well as various other administrative projects.

Tolly Stark, Caretaker

Tolly is responsible for transitioning and caretaking our guest buildings, hosting some of our groups, keeping our supplies well-stocked, and special projects. She lives on the hill with her children and is active in the local community.