Woolman Hill is graced with 110 acres of open meadows and woodlands. The main campus is surrounded by large open meadows; beyond them, trails lead into the forest in all directions. The dark night sky is perfect for stargazing. Woolman Hill is at the end of a country road, with very little traffic.

There are a number of trails on our own property, as well as trails on adjoining properties. The Pocumtuck Ridge trail skirts the western boundary of our land, and myriad other trails lead hikers to hidden glens and ridge-top views. Some trails are shown on our campus map.


  • Be sure to check yourself for ticks after time spent outdoors. Don’t forget to look especially well along hairlines and clothing edges.
  • Wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Tucking pant legs into socks is helpful. It is also easier to see ticks against lighter colored clothing.
  • If you see a tick crawling on you, brush it off promptly. If the tick has already attached itself to you, find someone who knows how to remove it. (You need to be sure you don’t just pull part of it out.) We have instructions and first aid supplies in the main building.