Board approves Strategic Plan for 2018-2021

At its June 16, 2018 meeting, the Woolman Hill board approved a vision, guiding principles and strategic goals for the coming three years.

An overview is below (or at this link), and you may see a more detailed version of the plan here.



Our vision is to provide a welcoming sanctuary where people come to be restored and inspired, and leave with the strength to act out of love, sowing seeds of peace that lead to a world transformed.


Sustainability and Right Relationship

  • Commit to sustainability principles in assessing ongoing operations and new endeavors to ensure that they are in right relationship with our spiritual, financial, environmental and human resources.
  • Commit to long-range planning to sustain our facilities and programming.

Accessibility and Welcome

  • Commit to ensuring Woolman Hill is more easily accessible to those with limited mobility.
  • Commit to increase Woolman Hill’s financial accessibility and welcome to a wide range of people.


Strategic Goal #1:  Launch Capital Campaign to Improve Facilities and Financial Accessibility

  1. Train the Board in developing a “community of sharing” and their role in helping the campaign be successful.
  2. Develop options for improvements, write a case for support, and test donor interest in supporting the campaign by speaking with our top supporters and Board members. Based on our learning, set realistic fundraising and construction goals.
  3. Apply good practices in running a successful capital campaign, using five phases of fundraising: planning, leadership, quiet, public, and celebration phases

Strategic Goal #2:  Strengthen our Board and Build a Community of Sharing

  1. Apply best practices for recruiting and supporting new and current Board members.
  2. Seek training and support to help us effectively fundraise for the Capital Campaign and understand our ongoing role as fiscal stewards.
  3. Ensure that prudent and required Board-approved non-profit policies are up-to-date and in practice.

Strategic Goal #3:  Create Projected Business Model and Define Staff Support

  1. Discuss our assumptions and objectives around who we serve and why.
  2. Create a projected business plan based on our assumptions.
  3. Assess our staff and volunteer needs to support and sustain our strategic plan and ongoing operations.

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