Rental Payments for Personal Retreats

Woolman Hill Retreat Payment Page
Please DO NOT use this form if a Woolman Hill staff person has not yet approved your reservation. If you have not yet been in touch directly with Woolman Hill staff, call us at 413.774.3431 or email We're friendly and happy to help! 🙂
Have you been in touch directly with Woolman Hill staff and had them approve your reservation? If yes, click "yes". If not, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS FORM yet; please contact staff to see whether your retreat is possible (info[at] or 413-774-3431). Many thanks!
Please include a cell phone number that will be with you during your stay. If you will not have a phone with you, please simply enter zeroes.
Please list first and last names of all guests who will be staying overnight as part of this reservation (if there are any in addition to the person filling out this form).