Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Trainings

Sunday October 18, 9:30am to 3:30pm
Trainers: Mary Link and Court Dorsey
Plainfield Town Hall, Plainfield, MA
To register, contact: Jane Crosby (617.699.0671 or


Saturday October 24, 10am-4pm
Trainers: Paki Weiland and Jeff Napolitano
White Elephant, #16 E.Main St., Orange, MA
To register, contact: Hattie (978-790-3074 or

You are invited to an upcoming non-violence direct action training in preparation to oppose the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. (For anyone who attended the shorter training that was provided at Woolman Hill as part of the Children of the Wild processional performance, this is a longer training – will build on that brief introduction.) No prior experience necessary.

It is a mix of didactic, lots of interactive, some role plays, and you might even have some fun!

This training is important if you think you might want to join an affinity group and be part of a future civil disobedience action, EVEN in a support role, peacekeeper role, and not risking arrest; if you want to learn the principles of non-violence and how they are employed in an action, even in actions that do not include intentionally breaking the law, i.e., rally, vigil etc.; what makes an action non-violent? effective?;  if you want to learn about consensus decision making (briefly) as well as quick decision-making; if you want to build community and much more. We won’t be planning a specific action at this training. But we will be helping you to think about next steps, some organizing tips, and helping you form affinity groups.

This is part one of a two part training. Part two is shorter and will include all the folks regionally who have completed part one. It will focus on the legal aspects of civil disobedience, potential consequences, the scenario of a potential planned action, deeper personal introspection on why you might choose to risk arrest and a long role play beginning with protesters entering the site of the action through arrest and arraignment. Taking part in these trainings does not obligate you in any way to be part of an action. That decision is up to you.

We will begin and end on time. Please bring your lunch, snack and drink with you. We will be asking for donations to cover the cost of the materials we will hand out.