NWFF Teaching Team Members

Marcelle Martin, Core Teacher
Marcelle is the author of Our Life is Love: the Quaker Spiritual Journey (Inner Light Books, 2016) and a member of Swarthmore Monthly Meeting (PA). She has led workshops at retreat centers and Quaker meetings across the United States, with a call to help nurture the spiritual vitality and radical faithfulness of Friends and Quakerism today.  She was the resident Quaker Studies teacher at Pendle Hill for four years, and was a core teacher in the School of the Spirit program, The Way of Ministry.  She is the author of the Pendle Hill pamphlets Invitation to a Deeper Communion and Holding One Another in the Light.  In 2013 she was the Mullen Writing Fellow at Earlham School of Religion while working on her book. On her blog, A Whole Heart, she writes about spirituality today, taking inspiration from the past to help us find the courage to become all God has created us to be in our day. Visit her website at awholeheart.com.




LVM (La Verne) Shelton
LVM Shelton is a member of Plainfield (Vermont) Monthly Meeting. She serves on her meeting’s Pastoral Care Committee, and has served on NEYM’s Ministry and Counsel Committee since 2015. A former Friend in Residence at Pendle Hill, her ministry among Friends includes workshop offerings that nurture diverse and transformative spiritual community.


Janet Hough
Janet is a member of Cobscook Meeting, NEYM Ministry & Counsel, and serves as co-clerk of Vassalboro Quarter. In her 50+ years as a Friend, Janet has lived and worked on 3 continents, and been a member of meetings within five different yearly meetings. She was introduced to the 21st century understanding of Quaker eldership through NYYM and FGC retreats, and grew into the practice of ‘corporate eldering’ through NYYM’s Meetings for Discernment. Janet participated in The School of the Spirit’s Way of Ministry program in 2008-2009, and will soon complete the Alcyon Center’s Contemplative Spiritual Direction Training (alcyoncenter.org). She has served as an elder and helped in the planning for many Quaker events and gatherings, including NYYM/NEYM retreats for pastors & elders, Quaker Spring, and the recent Quaker Women in Public Ministry gathering.



Anne Pomeroy  
New Paltz (NY)









Xinef Afriam (first residency)

Xinef is a motivational speaker, performing artist, educator, author, and activist from Amherst, MA. He is the arts and inspirations minister, choir director, and soon-to-be Pastor of his family’s church, Hope Community Church, one of only two historic black churches in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. In the Quaker community he speaks and leads workshops, as well as staffing the NEYM high school aged youth group. He currently works as the assistant director of a local social justice based elementary after-school program and is working towards furthering his career as a public speaker, life coach, and minister.


Callid and Kristina Keefe-Perry (second residency)

Callid and Kristina Keefe-Perry are parents of a second grader and travel widely in the ministry among Friends under the oversight of support committees provided by Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting (NEYM). They have taught Quaker Faith and Practice at Pendle Hill and created “Jewels of Quakerism,” a series of adult religious education videos for use in Quaker Meetings. During 2017 they are working on a project called On Carrying a Concern, a podcast of audio interviews with Friends who have followed leadings into service. 

Callid travels in the ministry carrying a concern for the faithfulness of Friends and discipline, transformation, and joy within Monthly Meetings. He is the executive director of the Association for Theopoetics and is currently completing his PhD in Theological Studies at Boston University’s School of Theology. His research is on the development of a public theology of education, the role of imagination in schools, and the how pedagogy spiritually and psychologically affects youth. Previously he has been a public school teacher, an instructor of comedy improv, and the founder of a community theater in Rochester, NY. More info is available at CallidKeefePerry.com

Kristina travels among Friends with a concern for nurturing ministry, worship, and religious education about our traditions to strengthen faithful listening. She works for The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts coordinating the Creation Care Ministries Program which advances environmental-justice and food-justice witness. She has an MA in Geography and an MDiv with a focus on Chaplaincy and Religious Conflict Transformation. Previously Kristina has organized several youth-directed projects and youth retreats and was one of the founders of Quaker Voluntary Service. She is a childbirth doula, mediator, master composter, and lover of singing.


Noah Merrill (third residency)

Noah Merrill is a member of Putney Friends Meeting in Vermont, which has care and oversight of his service in ministry. He travels and speaks among Friends and beyond, working at the intersection of institutional ministry and renewal in the Quaker Movement. Noah serves as secretary of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.



NWFF Circle of Support:
Allison Randall (Keene NH)
Fran Brokaw (Hanover NH)
Mary Lord (Bath ME)
Phil Fitz (Northampton MA)
Margaret Cooley, Woolman Hill Executive Director