Jennie Isbell and Newell Pledger-Shinn to be Friends-in-Residence

21 September 2012

We are delighted to announce that Jennie Isbell and Newell Pledger-Shinn will be Friends-in-Residence at Woolman Hill for the coming year.

This is an experimental year for the Friend-in-Residence position, at the end of which staff and board members will assess the role and its implementation, with the hope that it will become an on-going part of Woolman Hill’s staff structure.

Jennie will hold primary responsibility for the position: providing a grounding presence for staff, guests and the organization as a whole; interpreting and modeling the values and practices of Friends for Woolman Hill guests; caring for midweek worship; supporting staff logistically and spiritually; hosting rental groups and programs as needed; and engaging in other projects and tasks that will contribute to the daily operations and overall well-being of Woolman Hill. Newell will continue a full-time job off-campus and will support Jennie with Woolman Hill tasks when he can.

Jennie and Newell will join current Woolman Hill staff: Margaret Cooley, Executive Director; Steve Howes, Conference Center Coordinator; Will Stark, Maintenance Manager; and Becca Howe, Housekeeping. Moving to the hill in mid-October, they will begin their role as Friends-in-Residence by November 1. They will live in the downstairs apartment of the Brown House (where Traprock Peace Center used to have its office). Steve Howes and his partner, Jensey Graham, continue to live in the upstairs apartment of the Brown House.

We are excited to welcome Jennie and Newell to Woolman Hill!

(Read more about Jennie and Newell here.)


Jennie Isbell and Newell Pledger-Shinn to be Friends-in-Residence — 7 Comments

  1. Congrats on the new position and folks to fill it! Can’t think of a better place to live and try something new. Looking forward to meeting the new Friends in Residence!

  2. As a former board member, and devoted WHer of long duration, I think it’s great you’ll add to the hill energy. I’m especially glad to have another birder around! I’ll come up to a program soon, just to check you out.

  3. Oh, Hooray! Your presence on the hill and Jennie focussing her considerable spiritual gifts on nurturing Life there in the broadest sense will bear much good fruit, I am sure. Welcome!

  4. Great to hear all your enthusiasm, Friends! We’re really looking forward to having Jennie and Newell with us and contributing to the sense of community here on the hill. And we hope that they, in turn, find that living in this place has some of the same effect as the glow so many folks experience during retreats and programs here.