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sycamore view Dear friend of Woolman Hill,

The Hill provides a sanctuary of connection – to the land, to one another, and to the “still, small voice” within each of us. This work is made possible by the spiritual, logistical, and financial support of a wide community. We are so grateful for all of the ways you and others support this special place.

As I write, dusk falls on an early winter day, bringing soft golden light to the far ridges and the tops of the bare trees. Nuthatch, hawk, bluebird and junco make their last forays before nightfall. While the gentler pace of winter settles over the land, here at Woolman Hill we humans welcome the chance to slow down a bit, too – to take stock, to celebrate an incredibly full and exciting year, and to embrace the possibilities to come. Our guests also reflect on the value of stepping away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life:

We had a most blissful time and are still floating along from it. The time was so restorative for our relationship and our selves. We are so grateful for the bit of heaven on earth you all tend for so many of us.

The setting has actually been the most helpful component of the retreat—the history and beauty of Woolman Hill provide space for all of this to happen…  The architecture (age, texture, woodstoves, space arrangement) and the outdoor environment are perfect. I have been to retreats and conventions with more posh hotel-like accommodations which seem sterile, cookie cutter dead, but this one is ideal.

Thank you for building and maintaining this facility. It is an exercise in hope… Every time I’m here the retreat center has been improved in some way.  Keep up the joyful work!

This past year we hosted a bountiful array of spiritually enriching programs, community-building gatherings, life-changing individual retreats and joy-filled weddings. We have also embarked on a master planning process to identify programmatic and facility goals for the coming years. As a starting point for that process, students from the local Conway School of Landscape Design produced recommendations for approaches to land stewardship and increased capacity for overnight accommodations. Their research and proposals have been inspiring; we look forward to sharing the plans with you, hearing your feedback, and carrying them forward.

There has never been a greater need for the sanctuary that Woolman Hill provides amidst the hectic whirlwinds of our current society. Donations are essential to our operations, as they account for 25% of the Hill’s income. Please make a contribution to help sustain this ministry of connection.

With much gratitude and tender Light,


Margaret Cooley
Executive Director

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