Growing into the future

Woolman Hill Retreat Center is experienced by Friends and many others as a spiritual sanctuary. It is often described as a grounding place—an island of calm in the midst of turbulent seas. From this seedbed many people have discovered and nurtured calls to ministry and long-lasting spiritual friendships.

At the heart of Woolman Hill’s mission is our in-person programming and events. Woolman Hill’s physical facilities—the buildings, land, and their accessibility—are the indispensable component that makes that possible. During the pandemic, we have grown increasingly aware of and committed to the unique essence of Woolman Hill as an in-person gathering space, and the critical role the physical setting plays in the spiritual experiences of our guests. The land itself is an active participant in the events that occur on-site. We have repeatedly received feedback about the cozy non-institutional character of our facility contributing in positive ways to the dynamic of a gathering.

As part of a deeply discerned multi-year strategic plan, Woolman Hill is in the process of renovating the main building. While the 1800s farmhouse that serves as our main conference center is central to Woolman Hill’s charm, it also inhibits the use of Woolman Hill by many individuals and groups. The building has aspects that make navigating it with limited mobility next to impossible. Groups also struggle with too few bathrooms, limited privacy and insufficient break-out spaces.

While maintaining the facility’s beloved personality and features, we are completely redesigning the main entrance and foyer, as well as adding a two-story addition. The renovations include fully accessible ground floor accommodations, bathrooms, and sitting nooks, as well as increased privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.

We are so excited to welcome you back in person to our new and improved space soon!

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