Welcome Home

For individuals and groups,
Woolman Hill is
a welcoming, peaceful home.
Cozy, simple, grounding.
A space to connect,
to be embraced by nature.
It soothes and revitalizes,
relaxes and energizes. 

Dear Friend,

In these harried and divisive times, the world so badly needs the loving energy the hill provides. As the pandemic recedes, we’re experimenting with new program models and continuing to grow into the possibilities our new space offers. We’re expanding staffing to provide these new opportunities in a way that is sustainable for the people who tend the hill on a daily basis.

Please join us in caring for the well-being of this spiritual home. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Many thanks for your support. You may send a check made out to Woolman Hill (107 Keets Rd, Deerfield MA 01342) or you may donate online.

With joy and gratitude,
Margaret Cooley
Executive Director

My stay was at times powerful, at times difficult, and definitely what I needed
Writing, reading, walks in the woods, silence, waiting worship…

I think everyone was very happy to be there again; one person said
“this feels like our home”  and I think she spoke for all of us.
The upgrade in the living area of the conference center is super nice. And it’s great that
all the quaintness of the buildings remains, as well as the great feeling of the Meeting House. 

The grounds are stunning, the energy and positivity more so.
This was a much needed pause and catching of a deep breath. We are so thankful and we will be visiting again. 

Though the cabin is rustic, it was very comfortable and from another era, I loved the simplicity.
What you have to offer there is a treasure and truly a refuge.
I found a fairy dwelling on the Ridge Trail that had a message – LOVE – written on a piece of bark – magic.


Photo by Kevin Lee

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