Proposed gas pipeline on Woolman Hill property

As many of you know, last year we got the unwelcome news that Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company is proposing a gas pipeline to run from Pennsylvania through New York and across Massachusetts. The pipeline would carry fracked natural gas from the Marcellus Shale to New England and beyond. The proposed route would run along the northern boundary of Woolman Hill’s property.

We welcome those who love Woolman Hill to join the Woolman Hill board and staff in opposing the pipeline and its impact on Woolman Hill. Please see below for some basics about the pipeline. There is also abundant information about the proposal, local and regional efforts to oppose it, and suggestions for how you might get engaged, at the below links.

As Woolman Hill staff time to respond to inquiries is limited, please review these websites thoroughly to see if your questions are answered there. If they are not, please do contact us at the Woolman Hill office and we’ll do our best to respond promptly.

Thank you for caring about this special place, and for joining our efforts to sustain it!


Resources and information about the proposed
Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct (“NED”) Project

The TGP Northeast Energy Direct is a high-pressure natural gas pipeline proposed by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (“TGP”, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.) to run from Pennsylvania through New York state into Massachusetts at Richmond, in the Berkshires, through Franklin County into New Hampshire, reentering Massachusetts in Dracut, north of Boston, where it could join with existing pipelines that connect to the Massachusetts and Canadian coasts. The pipeline is intended to carry natural gas from the Marcellus (and perhaps Utica) Shale.
– excerpted from

Proposed route in relation to Woolman Hill:

The proposed pipeline route would run contiguous with the electric power line that is the northern boundary of Woolman Hill’s property. The construction of the pipeline would necessitate removal of the tree-line that currently stands at the northern edge of the field, the only visible barrier between the field and the power line. The power line also crosses Keets Road in three places, which means the pipeline would cross under the road in three places.


MassPLAN is a coalition of groups and organizations opposed to the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct (“NED”) Project. This website provides information primarily about the Massachusetts portion of the proposed project.
Our current Mission: To stop the Kinder Morgan/TGP pipelines (Northeast Energy Direct and Connecticut Expansion) and help other regional communities fight similar pipeline expansion.
Our Broader Mission: To stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in New England and upstate NY and to promote expanded efficiency and sustainable, renewable sources of energy and local, permanent jobs in a clean energy economy.

The Deerfield Board of Health issued a finding that the “proposed hydraulic fracturing – fracking – pipeline will endanger the health and lives of the residents of Deerfield, and hereby bans the construction and operation of such pipeline within the boundaries of the Town of Deerfield.”

Kinder Morgan is holding open houses in this region. Click the above link for the complete schedule.


Proposed gas pipeline on Woolman Hill property — 9 Comments

  1. This update will be brought to the CT Valley Quarterly Meeting tomorrow, February 1, 2015. It is good to see the many open houses. I hope Friends will try to get to all of them. I will go to the one in Farmington, CT and would like to know if others will also.
    Pat Wallace, clerk, CVQM

    • Thanks, Pat! I’ll also be at CVQM and will be bringing extra copies of the resource list and open house schedule. See you then, Margaret

  2. How to keep all the issues in perspective:

    * A NIMBY concern, that our land and views not be disturbed

    * A concern about fracking, and the huge damage it does to the environment

    * A vision of how conservation, and renewable energy sources, can make up for the supposed need for this pipeline.

  3. Margaret, thank you for providing this information, organized so beautifully. I will support opposition of the pipeline and will share this information with Friends and colleagues, encouraging them to do the same.

    Carole Rein

  4. thanks for this news Margaret. I love knowing what is going on. If it comes to petitions or letters that can be done from out of state in a helpful way, please let me know. I am still horrified that people think this is a good idea.
    In the meantime, enjoy the growing of the Light~!

    Amanda Ann

  5. Being able to see in my mind’s eye just where this pipeline is proposed makes it real, more real than “discussions” ever could. I will be joining the effort to defeat the pipeline because of this dose of reality.

    Thank you.

  6. If the threatened trees are on Woolman Hill Property, then I’d invite some Druids to consecrate them each, and they might still have value on powerline proprty. I don’t know whether Fracking is more evil than King Coal, but utilities are responsible for Reliability, and alternatives are still in development.

  7. Dear concerned friends,

    Not only does this proposed pipeline disturb, disrupt and destroy our homes and farmlands, woodlands, animal/ bird habitat and breathable air, it is carrying gas for more than 400 miles to be shipped out of the country. None of it is needed or will be used here. We are paying the price for this destruction and Kinder Morgan is bankrolling the profits from sales overseas.

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